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Request - Tokyo Ghoul! OC! Kensei Nakaharo by AkuaKourin Request - Tokyo Ghoul! OC! Kensei Nakaharo :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 1 1 Wistful Dream Blossom by AkuaKourin Wistful Dream Blossom :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 1 0 Request - MK! Scorpion + MK!OC! by AkuaKourin Request - MK! Scorpion + MK!OC! :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 1 0 Request - Bookcover  by AkuaKourin Request - Bookcover :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 0 0 WIP 2 - AoT!OC! Ava Hato by AkuaKourin WIP 2 - AoT!OC! Ava Hato :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 0 0 Character Drawing - Gijinka Sun by AkuaKourin Character Drawing - Gijinka Sun :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 1 0 Character Drawing - Air Dschinn by AkuaKourin Character Drawing - Air Dschinn :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 1 0 Character Drawing - Noire by AkuaKourin Character Drawing - Noire :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 3 0 Character Drawing - Sun Woo by AkuaKourin Character Drawing - Sun Woo :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 3 0 Character Concept - Morgan by AkuaKourin Character Concept - Morgan :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 2 0 Request - OC! Rosetta by AkuaKourin Request - OC! Rosetta :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 2 2 Request - OC! Totoma by AkuaKourin Request - OC! Totoma :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 5 0 Just another weird mind. by AkuaKourin Just another weird mind. :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 2 1 New WIP - AoT!OC! Ava Hato by AkuaKourin New WIP - AoT!OC! Ava Hato :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 1 0 Tell me, little birdie (WIP) by AkuaKourin Tell me, little birdie (WIP) :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 2 0 A prayer on a winters day by AkuaKourin A prayer on a winters day :iconakuakourin:AkuaKourin 3 0


[AWAFL] Selena by AmaiCandy [AWAFL] Selena :iconamaicandy:AmaiCandy 69 4 Mistral by Dea-89 Mistral :icondea-89:Dea-89 34 1 Commission - Red Line by PiperOfGameln Commission - Red Line :iconpiperofgameln:PiperOfGameln 54 2 Carla Tsukinami by Loohcifer Carla Tsukinami :iconloohcifer:Loohcifer 48 12 [C]YOONSI by Iy-shu [C]YOONSI :iconiy-shu:Iy-shu 92 8 Hansel by hangahan23 Hansel :iconhangahan23:hangahan23 45 2 c: kouriiko by dochanhee c: kouriiko :icondochanhee:dochanhee 136 11 [C] whiizu by Seraphy-chan [C] whiizu :iconseraphy-chan:Seraphy-chan 229 9 [CM] March batch #2 by ultramari-ne [CM] March batch #2 :iconultramari-ne:ultramari-ne 97 4 FOR SCIENCE! by CI-IROME FOR SCIENCE! :iconci-irome:CI-IROME 60 18 AT: DumplingYumYum by Ailythe AT: DumplingYumYum :iconailythe:Ailythe 110 17 Peachy! by Starlipop Peachy! :iconstarlipop:Starlipop 238 15 Little Light Wing by Innocentium Little Light Wing :iconinnocentium:Innocentium 144 47 [Comm] angel of death by biblyoteka [Comm] angel of death :iconbiblyoteka:biblyoteka 174 7 Leagueapp by LilSuRocks Leagueapp :iconlilsurocks:LilSuRocks 11 2


Request - Tokyo Ghoul! OC! Kensei Nakaharo
Requested by xEyelessMikex


I was in the mood for thick coloring and some BG practice. I'm somewhat satisfied and not at the same time. Probably because of the gold pieces which kinda look too flat...
Request - MK! Scorpion + MK!OC!
Requested by Scorpion-MKX

I left this request at its flats because the requester (or rather the account) seems to be dead and I have certainly not the time to work on something when the person I draw for can't be reached.

So if somebody knows this person, contact them please so I know if I should finish or leave it at that.



No journal entries yet.


AkuaKourin's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hobby is drawing, life dedicated to art and soul sold to become the evil.

I like to draw mainly anime and manga but I'm open to many things. Most of the time I'll be hanging around home reading or drawing.

And for those who'd like to request; I'll never guarantee the results. (눈︿눈)

What I'm not willing to draw (yet):

What I'm absolutely not willing to draw:

My Limits:
- Up to 5 characters in one picture
-> It will take 1-2 weeks for one request with two 2 unless much detail is involved.
- I'm doing things my way, I'll be consider but if you don't like, remember; I'M DOING IT FOR FREE (╬°▽°)
- I have a private life, too.

- Unless specially mentioned (OCs/Characters/Story by…) or stated in title ([Insert Series/Anime/Manga/Book etc.]![Chara Name]), the characters shown in the illustrations are owned by the requesters (Requested by) or by me.

More things about me:

I'm a typical Otaku/Hikkikomori who loves Otome, Manga, Anime VOCALOID/UTAUloid, J-(Whatever), Metal/Rock and Bishies. That's why my drawing style is like this.

Pretty much influenced by Anime as a kid since I grew up with a Thai mother who showed me them.

Very interested in East Asian culture, especially Japan. Wasn't there yet but it's my dream to go there one day.

I have a really dark sense of humor because I'm pretty much done with lots of things.

Favourite Bishies: Yoshitsune Minamoto (Destiny Ninja), All Touken Ranbu Guys, All Free! Guys, Gakupo Kamui (Vocaloid), Matthew/Canada (cute flufffart), Kuro & Yashiro (K-Project), Atsushi Murasakibara (KnB)
(still open for more bishies)

(I love longhaired bishies (⁎⁍̴̀﹃ ⁍̴́⁎)♡)

Oh yeah, and I like chocolate.


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joshspeed7 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2018
May I request?
AkuaKourin Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, please message me directly for a request.
AkuaKourin Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I could do that. But there are no guarantees about the result. And please, in case of a next time, DM me or else I won't be able to see your request since I seldom check the comment section on my profile for requests.
(1 Reply)
travis-lawson Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Is request open
AkuaKourin Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, they are still open. And You can direct message me for that.
CrimsonVampiress Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Do you take requests at all??
AkuaKourin Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
And for further information in my bio.
AkuaKourin Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I do. You can write directly to me.
CrimsonVampiress Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Note sent~
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